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A ramble.
If you mention the Shire of Nottingham to outsiders they will surely conjure up images of medieval long-bowmen, rotund Friars and giants wielding staffs - all conspiring, in a woodland setting, to take from the rich and give to the poor.

As you might imagine Nottinghamshire is much more than Robin Hood country, although this noble figure does play a prominent part in our history and there are many sites of interest within the county, all claiming connections with our loveable hero.

Nottinghamshire has an endless supply of magnificent buildings such as Southwell Minster, Wollaton Hall, Rufford Abbey, Newstead Abbey and the ruined Newark Castle. It should also not be forgotten that thanks to the initiative of the County Council we are blessed with a host of Country Parks close to the urban centres that provide open access for walkers. Indeed many of these are former industrial sites, left over from the mining industry, which have been sympathetically converted into parkland and now provide ample walking opportunities for everyone.

Our footpaths and bridleways span a varied countryside taking in farmland, canals, rivers, fine villages and woodland. We diligently monitor the rights of Way network for any problems, with a careful watch being kept on preservation. The 105 miles of the Robin Hood Way which was planned by members of the Nottingham Wayfarers’ Rambling Club is the perfect example of the many pleasures Nottinghamshire has to offer. We hope you enjoy walking in our Shire and discovering many new places that you will want to return to over the forthcoming years.

There are fourteen groups spread throughout the county. The Nottinghamshire Area pioneered the formation of RA groups for people in their 20s and 30s with the Notts Derby Walking Group being the first of its kind in the country.  We also now have a group for the over 40s (One Step Walkers) covering the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire Area. All groups offer a programme of either weekly or fortnightly walks in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding counties and these combined with many other varied social activities provide something for everybody. So why not explore further into this site and find that special walk or event that meets your own requirements.

The groups can give you:
* Expert and intimate walk knowledge of all borders of Nottinghamshire, the United Kingdom and beyond
* Unrivalled enthusiasm for walking and the outdoors
* A pathway to glowing health and wellbeing
* Whatever you want, get outside, make new friendships, sociable and lots of fun
* Something you can contribute to and shape and develop in future for the benefit of others
* A zero cost and sustainable activity
* Cost price weekends and longer holidays away in the best places, organised only by the good will, expert knowledge and generous boundless enthusiam of your volunteers

The Role of Area Ramblers
The Ramblers is a registered charity and a campaigning organisation; it is not just a network of walking groups. Areas are the second tier of the Ramblers accountable to the national Board of Trustees. They are established to carry out the objectives of Ramblers. Each local Group is responsible to the Area’s governing body - the Area Council.


The Ramblers are the only charity dedicated to looking after paths and green spaces, leading walks, opening new places to explore and encouraging everyone to get outside and discover how walking boosts health and happiness. From local Group walks to the Ramblers Routes we offer ways to start and keep you walking. By becoming one of our members, joining our team of dedicated volunteers or simply supporting our work, together we can get everyone walking.

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