Ramblers - Code of Conduct

Ramblers have published a code of conduct for members, volunteers, trustees and staff.

This can be read in full on the website http://www.ramblers.org.uk/volunteer-zone/about-volunteering/code-of-conduct.aspx

The values are set out in full below.

Ramblers will work together to achieve our charitable aims, guided by our values:

Welcoming - to all, particularly newcomers
Positive - looking to have fun and create enjoyment
Empowering - helping give people confidence to help themselves
Inclusive - welcoming people from diverse backgrounds, and being sensitive to the needs of different communities
Ethical - being respectful of others, honest in what we say, and thinking through the consequences of what we do
Democratic - working to deepen and improve democracy within our organisation
Environmentally Responsible - promoting activities and behaviours which are sustainable and which benefit the environment